I started my career in 1967 after attending a Mexican Art Appreciation class at  the El Paso, Texas Community College.

While there I constructed the first set for the “El Paso del Norte” (presently known as “Viva! El Paso”) at Mckellilgon Canyon Amphitheater.

While studying art the University of Texas in El Paso, I was the scenic artist for the “Ballet and Opera Guild,” in which I created prop, painted back drops, and built sets and helped restored a mural at the Continental Museum. I also reproduced forty (40) logos for sponsors’ advertisements for the first “Civic Center Annual Festival”, in El Paso, Texas.

Following my work on several motion picture productions in the El Paso area, I was offered work in California where I relocated in 1984.

I studied at Otis Parsons art Institute in Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College and attended workshops at Self-Help Graphics and began exhibiting my art in a more formal setting.

My exhibitions have included a mural in Jackson Hole, WY commissioned by the National Endowment of the Arts, a bronze sculpture of the late “Congressman Ed Roybal” of Los Angeles. I have been a participant in various group shows, solo exhibitions, commissioned projects and numerous restoration projects.

While I lived in California, I was still involved in showing my work in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Having solo shows at Los Paisanos Gallery, Chamizal in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and a “Retrospective”, was exhibit at the International Museum of Art in El Paso, Texas.

I am a “self taught” artist, painter, and sculpture, and  I value my knowledge attained at various Art schools. I consider my work to be a form of communication in color, of what I see and have experience.

I continue to work and show my art out of my studio located in Los Angeles.